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20 Mac 2009


Today is abah's 74th birthday..

Abah diserang strok pada 23 Jun 2002.. Hampir sebulan abah koma selepas pembedahan di kepala... Selama dua bulan, hospital menjadi rumah kedua kami... Abah adalah seorang yang menjaga akan kesihatan dirinya.. Abah jarang-jarang sakit.. Sememangnya peristiwa itu merupakan satu kejutan buat kami sekeluarga..Namun, ini adalah dugaan buatnya, dan juga kami sekeluarga... Kami terima dengan redha.. Setiap apa yang berlaku, pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya...

Ya Allah! Ampunilah bagiku segala dosaku dan juga dosa dua ibu bapaku dan
kasihanilah mereka keduanya sebagaimana mereka memelihara dan mendidikku di
masa kecil.
These are some info about stroke...
A stroke occurs when the blood supply to or within the brain is stopped or interrupted, causing damage to the brain. Whichever part of the brain is damaged, the functions it controls will be affected.
There are several causes of stroke and this include
1. Cerebral Thrombosis This is most common. Arteries become partly occluded by the buildup of fatty deposits of atherosclerosis. Blood flow is slowed so that clots form in the clogged vessel, blocking the blood supply to a part of the brain.
2. Cerebral Haemorrhage Bleeding in the brain. It is the result of burst blood vessels in the brain and is usually caused by high blood pressure and blood vessels abnormalities.
3. Cerebral Embolism This happens when a wandering clot, originating outside the brain, is carried by the bloodstream to the brain. The clot plugs the vessels, blocking the blood flow.
Symptoms of stroke usually develop abruptly over minutes or hours and rarely over several days. They are: headache dizziness and confusion disturbance of vision slurred speech or loss of speech difficulty in swallowing paralysis loss of sensation of one side of the body. The more serious cases lead to death or severe physical or mental handicap
- High Blood Pressure
- High cholesterol level
- Diabetes
- Heart Disease
- Smoking -
- heavy alcohol consumption
- Overweight (obesity)
- Inactivity or lack of exercise
- Previous TIA or Stroke
- Oral Contraceptive use (above age 30 years)
- Stress
1. Treat high blood pressure
High blood pressure is present in 40-70% of stroke. It causes clogging of the arteries and puts abnormal pressure on blood vessel walls, which can rupture at a weak spot. High blood pressure must be treated. It is important to have regular checks. Controlling high blood pressure will help reduce the risk of stroke.
2. Stop smoking
Smoking speeds up atherosclerosis. Nicotine in tobacco can raise blood pressure. Cigarette smoking is a major factor is stroke and should be stopped.
3. Avoid high cholesterol and fatty foods
High blood cholesterol level is a major risk factor for stroke. Thus, it is important to cut down high cholesterol and fatty food.
4. Avoid excess alcohol
Those who take alcohol have twice the risk for haemorrhage stroke as non-drinkers. For heavy drinkers, the occurrence of stroke increases three times.
5. Control your weight
Try to maintain your weight and within the ideal range for your age and height. Blood pressure rises with an increase in body weight and falls with a reduction in weight.
6. Exercise regularly
Maintain a regular exercise programme. If you have not started on one previously, it is advisable for you to see your doctor before starting an exercise programme.
7. Avoid excessive stress
Learning to cope with a certain amount of stress may be helpful but to much stress may be harmful. To avoid excessive stress, learn relaxation techniques. If you have a competitive, hurried behaviour pattern, modify it. Stress increases blood pressure.
In some ways, yes. If you have a family history of stroke, you should take steps to decrease your risk through life style modification, such as following a proper diet, exercising regularly, not smoking, and other means as discussed earlier.

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